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March 5th, 2012

New Media Advertising in Development

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Written by: Olivas George

Circumstances leading to this moment have brought to my attention the need to advertise. In the past, traffic exchange and the search engines were the only tools accessible according to the journal’s finances for the year. However, time has allowed for new methods of spreading the reports. Investments into media, radio, and print will radically increase public awareness of the journal and should allow for our sponsors the visibility to grant us the necessary funds for next year’s project.

This particular year, focus will be mainstream into online video advertisement. Small commercials, rather clips, ought to assist in making the team’s operation widespread into social communities such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. Though the design of the previous site allowed for users to spread articles using Facebook and Google, investments have been made using RSS feeds for email subscription opportunities to our faithful followers.

Website analytics have shown that visitors vary in geographical compositions. Our previous design permitted foreign visitors to translate the articles to their preferred language. This option is also available in the tab section of every post. Unfortunately all other media will remain in English as English is the primary language in which information is relayed throughout the journal.

Considering video media will be an expensive approach, costs will be dramatically lowered when limiting the visibility of this media to public online domains. Several videos will be introduced in the years forward and will be offered firsthand on the site before distribution. However much it is the journal’s desire to relay information, costs must be considered before entering in such avenues. Luckily the team feels ready to enter into this exciting yet demanding field.

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Olivas George
George Olivas is the webmaster and media relations coordinator of the Vertebrate Journal. Webmaster & Co-founder, [email protected]



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