About the Journal

From a non-austere proposal, the Vertebrate Journal has gone from a series of design, domain, and name revisions since it’s unveiling in the fall of 2010. The ambition, however, has remained unchanged. The Vertebrate Journal is an online magazine devoted to the research and appreciation of the breathtaking species that fill our earth. The journal is the combined effort of two college students who share a similar interest in educating its visitors on the significance of ecology and the natural life sciences. From its inception as an online blog, verbrateblog.com, the alterations have been substantial. Several designs have been introduced and several others inadequate for the upgrades installed. Still in the early stages of development, modifications will continue to be an inevitable part of the journal’s expectations. Despite uncertainties concerning the future, the journal’s devoted team has managed to persevere as it follows its goals of educating the public. All written work on the Vertebrate Journal is researched and contains references and media information available upon request.