Meet the Crew

Luis Alfredo Cendan

Author & Co-founder,

“Since the faintest memory of my childhood, I was dawned by the fascination of these incredible creatures that man has titled, reptiles. This incredulous notion inside me will not allow me to go a second without gazing at the beauty and design of nature, this all being the marvelous creation of an intelligent designer.”

Observing the raw might of a Nile crocodile exploding out of the water to clutch a gazelle with its powerful jaws made my heart rush. I carefully considered the complex methods by which snakes trace and stalk their prey. I was never afraid, rather fascinated beyond my perception. I extensively enjoy the hazardous beauty of nature and its complexity in design. As a child, my interest was no deeper than such. I strengthened in knowledge over the years; I soon began to realize the work of a great Creator in the purpose of nature. Of the entire living things this grand Architect designed, none holds and continues to hold my attention more than reptiles. In the days of old, they were dominant animals; and still today, they fill the earth with their great diversity. The passion given to me by God to study them and their survival abilities still lives long after my childhood years. I can only become even more fascinated as I continue to see His work in our natural world.

George Michael Olivas

Webmaster & Co-founder,

“From it’s roots as a simple austere proposal, Vertebrate Blog now prides itself as an official contribution to the World Wide Web. The Vertebrate Project is new concept for me with no end in sight. I can only continue to learn more from this community as we endeavor to pave the road for success.”

George Olivas is a freelance author and web designer. Among his other works are Enterprise Webhosting, Intelligent Studios, and South Florida Real Estate. The Vertebrate Project began an online blog dedicated to the field of science, specifically biology. This website is the work of two college students who wanted to contribute professional written work to the aid and enjoyment of many who find a similar interest in biology. All written work on Vertebrate Blog is researched and contains references and media information available upon request.

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