Tips To Solve Common DNS Problems On Your Computer

DNS or domain name system is the most important system, which responsible to translate domain names to the right IP addresses. The DNS is the main system of the internet, and without it, we can’t access any website or service on the internet.

However, sometimes, the domain name system on your computer got errors and can’t do its job. In this case, you can’t visit the websites you want as well as access to the internet. In order to get the internet back, you must fix DNS errors and solve the problem.

If you are facing DNS issues, we would suggest you change the default DNS server address to Google’s DNS or OpenDNS service. Both of these DNS services are good and could replace your default DNS server on your computer. By changing the default DNS server address on your computer, it could also help to solve DNS server not responding error as well as the DPC watchdog violation error.

Sometimes, the cache and cookies on your computer are the main problem that leads to DNS errors. So if you want to solve DNS issues, you can clear all DNS caches and cookies on your computer. To clear all DNS caches on your whole computer, just open the Command Prompt program as an administrator, type the command: ipconfig /flushdns to clear all DNS caches and reset the DNS system. You also need to clear all cookies on your web browsers and then reboot your computer. After the computer restarts, DNS issues should be gone.

If you have tried all methods above and can’t fix DNS issues, we would suggest you restore your computer back to the previous point with the restore system. It will automatically restore your computer back to the good point when the computer running without any error.

We hope this small guide can help you to understand more about domain name system and its common errors. It could also help you to figure out and solve most common DNS problems on your computer.